How To Keep Your Diet On Track During Lockdown

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Body Feel Happy And Healthy

How to keep your diet on track during lockdown

As we navigate through these uncertain times, our everyday routine seems a distant memory. The diet habits we strived to maintain and workout regime we finally managed to sustain past February have likely been put on pause. During this time, you can be forgiven for feeling a certain loss of control over your health and wellbeing, but there are some simple ways to get back on track if you’ve fallen off the wagon.

You don’t need to make drastic life changes or embark on a ‘miracle’ diet, just do the small things consistently well and you will feel healthier and look leaner in no time.

Eat mindfully

Eating with distractions can lead to overeating, lower satiety and poor digestion. During meal times, step away from your computer screen, leave your phone in the other room, and put the TV remote to one side. Enjoy the taste of your food, take a moment between bites and try not to inhale the entirety of your plate. Tune in with your satiety cues and appetite awareness – if you are aiming to lose weight, only eat to 80% full.

Eat more whole foods
Foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible are packed with nourishing nutrients that your body requires for many processes, including hormone function, inhibiting fat storage and most importantly during this time, warding off viruses. Add fruits and vegetables to your shopping list and include them in every meal. Opt for a fruit snack instead of reaching for those Hobnobs and if you don’t like eating the good stuff, try adding them to a smoothie or shake.
Plan and prepare
While we’re all stuck at home, the only temptation is the food in your fridge or cupboard, which you have complete control over. If something is not there, you can’t eat it. Try to avoid buying the processed foods that you know you can’t resist demolishing in one sitting. Instead add fruit, veg, lean protein and whole grains to your shopping list and plan your dinners at the start of the week so you are set to go and less likely to deviate.

Stay hydrated

Water makes up a huge 55-60% of who we are. It has many jobs, including taking nutrients to cells, taking waste away, lubricating joints and regulating body temperature. Adults should be drinking around two litres a day (more if it is hot and/or you are exercising).  If you struggle with getting in enough fluid try keeping a water bottle on hand to keep track of how much you are drinking, start a drink journal or set yourself reminders to take a sip. If your alcohol intake has increased during lockdown (then you are not alone!), try one day on/one day off, limit your boozy days to the weekend or have the ultimate will power and only allow yourself one glass.

Get your Z’s

Not something you would naturally link to diet but don’t be fooled – sleep is everything. Getting between 7-9 hours a night is crucial to not only feeling better mentally and emotionally but also physically on so many levels. A good night’s kip is essential for recovery and metabolism – to help lose fat, gain muscle, regulate blood sugar, regulate hormones, regulate hunger/appetite and regulate heart rate. If you struggle with sleep, follow a bedtime routine, have a set bed time and wake up time, go technology free from at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and shut out as much light and noise as possible.

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How to keep your diet on track during lockdown